Studio Interrupt is a co-production and design studio based in Osaka, Japan and helmed by Thomas Grové. Our goal is to collaborate with great brands and artists to create meaningful projects.


Prior to establishing Studio Interrupt, Thomas also founded several brands and companies including:


  • Okipoo: a video game company
  • Séfu: a functional fashion brand
  • dxSaigon: a design consultancy and community
  • Okipoo: ビデオゲーム会社
  • Séfu: 機能的ファッションブランド
  • dxSaigon: デザインコンサルタントとコミュニティ


Design Exchange
with Thomas Grové

An audio and video podcast about design, user experience, techno, crypto, cyberpunk, making things, expat life, cultural differences, consciousness, and zen.

The Switch Bag

We designed, marketed, and shipped the perfect day bag and travel companion for the Nintendo Switch.

Pounce King

Jump, flip, or scamper your way from one tall tree to the next in a satisfying action-puzzle game that you can play with one hand.